The Story

Molly Dickinson has ridden horses since she was a child. In fact, she would even ride her horse to the one-room school she attended. Growing up on a ranch in eastern Nebraska, Molly was routinely roping calves and herding cattle on horseback, and when she wasn’t working, she was riding recreationally. Always, in the back of her mind, was a concern about losing the reins. She felt like she could never let go, and if she did, she feared the potential consequences.

Today, Molly continues to ride and has also introduced her husband, David, and their three children, Hunter, Cash and Penny, to riding. When Hunter began riding, her fears intensified, so Molly fashioned a homemade rein tether, a crude, early version of what today is the BOOMA Rein keeper.

But it wasn’t until reading a tragic account of a young barrel racer, that she decided, once and for all, to do something about it.

Molly’s solution was to simply tether the reins to the saddle with a bungee-like device. After numerous iterations of her safety rein, Molly began production of BOOMA, the flexible rein keeper, in late 2016.

It’s Molly’s hope that her riding-safety solution can prevent tragedies in the future.